Doubling as both my next interview and also the 13th episode of our podcast, The Seventh Kingdom, today I sit down with my brilliant friend and cohost, Stan James. Stan is a brilliant coder, entrepreneur, master calligraphist, and has a masters in Cognitive Science from the University of Osnabrück in Germany. We met back in Boulder in 2007 or so and immediately found ourselves having countless conversations over drinks, coffee, and hikes about the intersections of technology, human behavior, and identity. Always one of my favorite people to talk to, rarely does a discussion go by with Stan in which I don’t generate or think of 20 new ideas I’d never had before. The scrap notebook I keep full of cool ideas, locations, and setups for future film projects has at least a dozen things inspired by my talks with Stan. Check out our interview now and find out whether or not Stan would share, how this technology might affect FAMILY relationships, and some of the cool ways some of these ideas are already playing out in Stan’s own life.

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